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FAQ for Show Guests

Welcome! You’ve been invited to be a guest on the Coup Save America podcast!

Broadcast & Streaming Information

Your episode will air from 2:00pm – 4:00pm Pacific Time on the following platforms:

As A Video-

Coup Save America is livestreamed on the following media platforms. 





Audio Only-

Citizens.am – which can be listened to online, through the citizens.am app, or via digital radio KCAM Coup Save America typically airs live, but the show can be pre-recorded in instances when a guest is not available to appear during the scheduled show hours.

After the broadcast has been processed and edited (if necessary), the audio version of the show will be uploaded to the following streaming services:

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1624175133?mt=2&ls=1

Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/9090c964-134e-4c65-9112-9d9e5e6b7aeb/coup-save-america

Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/Coup-Save-America-Podcast/B0B1CNKRY5

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/080qYja4FA17EZ8nz1spAy

Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZC5jby9jb3VwLXNhdmUtYW1lcmljYQ==

CastroFM: https://castro.fm/podcast/fc86a174-119f-4a86-a3bd-1b5af898b6ef

Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/show/coup-save-america

TuneIn: https://tunein.com/podcasts/Arts--Culture-Podcasts/Coup-Save-America-p1676600/

Both the audio and video recordings will be available on coupsaveamerica.com

Joining the Coup Save America Broadcast

We use a service called StreamYard to record and broadcast Coup Save America. You will receive a link to the studio portal (how soon before broadcast day/time?)

Follow this guide to join our host and share your awesome experience and opinions:

Before the broadcast

Make sure you have the following:

  • A laptop or desktop with a webcam and mic.
  • A recent version of Chrome or Firefox.
  • A strong internet connection. Just like Skype, you must have a strong internet connection for it to work well. If possible, connect to your router with an Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi.
  • We recommend wearing earbuds or headphones to prevent audio echoes.

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop, then you can join on your phone. But the experience is usually best on a laptop/desktop. On Android, we recommend the Chrome browser. On iOS, you must use Safari.

If you're on iOS 14.2, we recommend updating your device before joining. iOS 14.2 has some issues with audio stuttering.

Joining the broadcast

When the time comes, follow these steps to enter the broadcast studio:

  1. Click the provided link, and you’ll be taken to our broadcast studio.
  2. Allow StreamYard to access your camera and mic.
  3. Make sure you have the correct camera and mic selected.
  4. Enter a display name. Use your actual name, a pseudonym, or the name of your brand/product – Whatever you wish to (potentially) appear onscreen.
  5. Enter the studio.

Once you've entered the studio, you will be able to watch/hear the show in progress, but you will not be a part of the broadcast until the host introduces you and the producer adds you to the stream. The page will update to let you know when you’ve been added, then everyone will be able to see and hear you. Yay!

Remember, the host asked you to join because they want to hear what you have to say. Have fun!

Guests FAQ

What can guests do?

  • Participate on-stream with camera and microphone
  • Share screen, videos, and slide presentations
  • Communicate with other participants using private chat
  • View comments from destinations being streamed to
  • Use Virtual Background/Greenscreen effects

What can't guests do?

  • Start/Stop broadcast
  • Change broadcast settings
  • Add themselves or their shared content to the stream
  • Control graphics (overlays, video clips, etc) and layouts
  • Show comments/banners on-stream
  • See other participants backstage (only on-stream)

What if I don't want my face shown onscreen?

Coup Save America respects this preference and is happy to have you appear as audio-only or use a still image (for example, the cover of your book) to represent yourself. Please let us know ahead of time that you wish to be invisible, so we can discuss the logistics and arrange things accordingly.

Am I allowed to use naughty words on the show?

Yes, by all means! Profanity is legally permissible on our radio, and (as far as we know) also allowed on the other platforms where we publish. So, until someone tells us otherwise, there's no need to censor your legitimate feelings of rage and frustration. We only ask that you do your best to curse judicially, as too much profanity can dilute an otherwise valuable message (and make you sound like a middle schooler trying to impress their friends at the skate park).

What if I need to share slides or a video during my guest appearance?

Have your content ready beforehand, in an easily accessed location on your computer/phone. You will have the ability to upload your media while waiting to join the broadcast. The producer or host will control when your media content is added to the broadcast.

Slide sharing tips

  • StreamYard currently supports Google Slides, PowerPoint and PDF.
  • Video and animations are currently not supported. We recommend adding them as separate video files.
  • Using Keynote? Inside of Keynote, go to File > Export To. Then, select PDF.

Screen sharing tips

  • Screen sharing is easiest with 2 monitors.
  • Screen sharing works best on a good computer.
  • Some screens let you share audio. Look for the Share audio checkbox on the next window. Follow these steps to share a video with audio.

What if I leave the studio before the show begins?

No problem. You can come back again by simply clicking on your invitation link and following the steps you took to join the first time. The link will be functional until the studio is deactivated after the broadcast.

What if I'm nervous about the technical aspects of my appearance and would like to practice for a few minutes to prepare?

Contact Coup Save America's producer or host through whatever route you've been using to communicate and request a trial run. They will be happy to accommodate by creating a "test studio" so you can familiarize yourself with the process.