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Sept. 6, 2022

The Politics of Homeland Security

The Politics of Homeland Security

Good news! The foreign threat to America is not as scary as the average citizen tends to believe. Bad news! Domestic terrorism poses the largest threat to Americans.

In this episode of Coup Save America, Sean interviews Brent Giannotta, former CIA agent for an inside look at our nation's War on Terror. Brent shares a message of optimism and expresses his confidence in the future of America, while also warning us that domestic terrorism is on the rise in our country. He lists the ways the advent of the Internet has assisted terrorists both domestic and abroad, and he describes the sort of person who is prone to embrace radical propaganda. Can brain scans detect who is most likely to spread misinformation on the Internet? You bet they can!

According to Brent, domestic terrorists are merely disillusioned citizens who are seeking to give their lives meaning by pushing society in the direction they feel it needs to go. This description sounds a lot like the creators of Coup Save America, only without the guns and ammo.   

Tune in to learn about the cost to benefit analysis of our government's overzealous War on Terror, to find out why Brent believes in limiting free speech online, and to hear his analogy comparing Isis sympathizers to hard-core Trump supporters.