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Kelsey Walker

Author/ CEO/ Mom

Kelsey Walker started out her life in Kansas City before moving to Chicago with her family. The city and her grandmother formed her passion for reproductive rights and nonprofit missions. She has since worked for nonprofits for the last 12 years, making her start doing search and rescue in New Mexico and climbing her way to becoming a Founder and CEO.
Kelsey is married to her husband, Christopher, who rescued her literally and figuratively. They have two living children, Cayden and Ember, and their baby in the clouds, Hope.
They lost Hope in 2017, and after several years of healing, and seeing the injustice surging in Texas, Kansas, and Mississippi, Kelsey finally wrote her memoir. Face Everything And Rise is a memoir on abortion, child loss, PTSD, and finding the strength to rise and become a reproductive rights advocate. From the book, she formed From The Green Desk, an up-and-coming nonprofit that focuses on coaching, group therapy, and narrative meditation for people who have had abortions, lost pregnancies, or children.

Abortion in a Post Roe v Wade America
July 2, 2022

Abortion in a Post Roe v Wade America

Being pro-choice doesn't mean ignoring the emotional impact of abortion. In the wake of our nation losing the protections provided by Roe versus Wade, Coup Save America features special guest Kelsey Walker, who shares tragic stories and valuable insights about …

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