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Aug. 25, 2022

Make Humanity Great Again

Make Humanity Great Again

Humanity is not great. In a world that is rapidly changing across multiple dimensions, we have come upon a new era where our entire species lingers precariously close to self-destruction, but with a future of immense potential hanging in the balance. How can we pull ourselves back from the brink? Is such a retreat from self-inflicted peril even possible? 


Author and change-leader Edina Brown joins Coup Save America to discuss these questions, offering her insights and experiences on how to pave a course toward a new culture of empathy and human wellness. 

Edina Brown is a leader in caring for humanity and creating connections. She recently served as an elected official in central New Jersey, and continues to contribute to issues like mental health, child welfare, and social change through her work on boards. Her deep desire to improve the way people see each other inspired her to write and publish "Make Humanity Great Again," and further content about social change and wellness.

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Edina Brown

Make Humanity Great Again

Edina Brown has been advocating for African American mental health consumers and those who support them, as an
advisory member of AACT-NOW. As a Board of Trustees Member for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, she
continues to increase inclusion and expand access to resources and support for families and individuals who work to
achieve mental health. During her time as a Councilwoman in Old Bridge, New Jersey, she spoke up for marginalized
community members and established The Old Bridge Coalition for Equality to encourage equity and fair treatment of
Black and Brown residents within the town.
Her desire to help others pursue the work of improving our society, inspired her to write and self-publish a book titled
“Make Humanity Great Again” in 2017, and to establish IHP Global - an advocate and leadership training company.
She continues to mentor youth and women about local government and community outreach. Currently a Founding
Cabinet Member of Emerge NJ, she supports the development of women in politics. She supports the needs of foster
children in Middlesex County New Jersey by serving on the Executive board of CASA (Court Appointed Special
Advocates for children). She also offers support to budding entrepreneurs from New Jersey inner city high schools, as a
judge with Jobs for America’s Graduates during their annual student competition.